Boudoir Photography


For those that are not aware, Boudoir photography is a very specialized type of photography and not for everyone. I love the form of the female body, size and shape do not matter, I will ensure that you look perfect in capturing your curves from angles that best suit your body type.


If this is not for you just pass this page but this is becoming more and more popular as our ladies over 40 years of age still look so good, we want to show it off. These are just beautiful images of yourself looking your absolute best, It will be a complete blast from beginning to end, and a day you will be pampered, doing your hair and make-up to look amazing for your shoot.


You will feel empowered and uplifted by the whole experience. Before we shoot, I will brief you on what you can expect of the day and what you need to do contribute to creating these beautiful images.

You decide how risqué you want to be on the day, no-one is forced to take their clothes off, if you just want sensual images fully clothed, we can also do that. I also do fine-art photography with light and shadows that can look simply stunning.

I hope you enjoy the page and book your session with me soon.

Cape Town Photographer Freda Roetjens - 0846710682 -

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