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About Me

I am Freda Roetjens and I have been passionate about my photography and developing my style and work for the last 15 years. In my studio at home, I create and live out my dreams to make every person look their best. My private facilities in Sunset Beach, Cape Town are perfect for intimate or family and personal photoshoots, 

plus there is a large number of beautiful locations nearby for excellent outdoor images.


I love all types of photography but my passion is to make ordinary people feel good and that is just what my photography does. I have had the opportunity to travel and in the UK I had to work hard to make my mark as the industry is so hard to break into. I traveled throughout Europe where I was a production photographer for a touring music show and I am currently a production photographer for Highlife Productions CC in Cape Town and A Major Events music promotion. 

I have also won a number of prestigious awards for my photography.


I am available for hire for all events at any location or at my private studio. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

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